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Find out answers to our frequently asked questions.


How work Golden Age Portugal Tours?
We receive your request or booking and we start working immediately. From the itinerary, guides, meals, transportation or accommodation we craft, create and plan your trip. And we will be there for you 7 days a week to ensure all is going smoothly. You just need to travel and simply enjoy your Tour.

Is Golden Age Portugal Tours a reputable and legally registered and recognized? 
Yes. We are licensed and certified by the Portuguese Tourism Board/Agency under the number 926/2018 (RNAAT - Registo pelo Turismo de Portugal, I. P.). This accreditation can be checked any time at ‘Turismo de Portugal’ or through its agencies around the world.

Is accommodation included on the price? 
The accommodation is not included on the price. However, we can always advice about our accommodation options. We have a list of hotels based in local 3*, 4* and 5* Bed & Breakfasts and Boutique hotels throughout Portugal. We will provide you with suggestions so you can choose what best suits your budget.

What’s included in a Premium Tours tour? 
For each Tour there is a detailed description of what is, or isn’t, included on our site. Obviously we can adapt each Tour to your specific preferences and needs. According to our values we want to guarantee clarity about what is included in each Tour. One of our primary objectives is to give the maximum possible satisfaction in a completely carefree environment.
The Tours have to be done exactly like this ?
No, our Tours are completely taylor made, this is just suggestions.

We plan Tours for people who are seeking to discover the best of Portugal. From the already developed tours to trips completely designed from scratch. We also manage your travel, saving you time and money. It won’t be just another tour, it will be an exceptional journey filled with inspiring and lifeenriching experiences.
Can you detail the Tour?
Our Tours are private and completely flexible which makes it practically detail as it will be carried out according to the tastes and curiosities of them, with the information the Guide will adapt the same.
I wanted to make my own script, is it possible?
It is possible, yes, just contact one of our assistants that they will make a script to your measurement.
Do you have Tours to start in Porto?
Our Tours start in Lisbon or in Porto, but always private.
Are the Tours private?
All our Tours and/or transfers are private and flexible.
Where do Tours start?
Tours always start at your hotel or apartment end where you wish, as long as within the city.
Does it include entrances to monuments or meals?
Our Tours do not include entrances or meals (unless they are tours already with meals), because being a Private Tour the choice is yours on what to visit.
Will the Guide/Driver be with us during all the visits to the inside of the monuments/museums? 

We like to be clear and that’s why we explain that our Guides are also the drivers. Your Guide/Driver will share relevant knowledge and information during all of the time he’s driving you during your tour. However, many times, it isn’t possible for the Guide to be with you during your visit inside of the monuments/museums. This happens for two important factors:

– Parking the vehicle close to the places you’ll visit is sometimes very difficult and time consuming. 
The Guide will also help you regarding the purchase of entrance fees so that you won’t have to wait in line. While our clients explore everything at their own pace, the guide will wait on the vehicle as close as possible. This way we believe you’ll save precious time of your travel, sparing you from losing time with logistic problems like parking the vehicle. 
That way we’ll save your time and greatly increase your comfort, something particularly relevant during very hot or rainy days.

– Although Portugal is an incredibly safe country, when we also carry our client’s luggage, we avoid leaving the vehicle parked with the client’s belongings inside without the presence of the Guide/Driver.

Given its flexibility, appealing value for money and the large number of places visited during one day, this Tour model of a Guide/Driver is the selected one by the vast majority of our clients.

Can we have visits with local Guides? 
In some monuments our clients can enjoy, for an appealing price, the services of specialized local guides that will take you to discover monuments of great historic and cultural richness like, for example, the Convent of Christ and Knight Templars Castle in Tomar or the Joanine Library in Coimbra. The main advantage of this guided tours is that local specialized guides can share very detailed information about each place.

The use of audio-guides is also a great complement given the detailed info it conveys (there are increasingly more places that offer this service).

Can you organize a Tour with the Guide that will accompany me?

Of course that we offer personalized and tailor-made services. In case you want to be accompanied in 100% of your time in the monuments and museums, we can give you the option of being accompanied by 2 members of our team. In that case there will be a Driver and a Guide that will be at your service to go along with you during all your visits.

Does the Guide know the city?

All our Guides are accredited and know the whole city and its curiosities.

What should I wear? 

This depends on the climate of your home country. If you come from a colder country you will probably need less warm clothing. On the other hand those from warmer countries may find they need more layers. In Portugal there is some difference in temperature between Lisbon and Oporto, where it is usually colder. South of Lisbon (Alentejo and Algarve) temperatures are usually even higher. More generally we advise that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes and bring some protection against rain. If you visit between November and March be prepared for lower temperatures (minimums 6-10ºC). Don’t forget that Portugal has 850 kms of coastline so bring your bathing costume.


How can I contact Golden Age Portugal Tours? 
By email:

or by phone:
(+351) 932 967 097

How much time before do I need to make my booking? 
We don’t have a specific deadline, and in some instances we can arrange a tour with 2 or 3 days notice or even less. But ideally booking should be made up to 2 weeks before the tour is required in order to ensure availability and that the guide and equipment are completely prepared to give you the very best.

How do I make a booking? 
In various ways:
By email:
On our website:

Do I have to pay in advance?

You do not have to pay anything in advance, but it is better to make an advance (20%)  payment to guarantee your tour.

How do I pay? 

The payment of your deposit (20%) can be made using one of two ways:
1. PayPal;
2. Bank transfer.

Final Payment: 

Can be made using:
1. PayPal;
2. Bank transfer;
3. In cash.

Cancellation policy:
What if I need to cancel? 
Golden Age Portugal Tours will not charge cancellations if they happen until one week before the scheduled time for the service to start. In case the cancelation is done between one week and 48 hours to the scheduled time for the service to start 20% of the total service price will be charged. If the cancelation happens in less than 48 hours to the scheduled time for the service to start we will charge 80% of the service.

Do you have children's chairs?
We have several chairs for various ages.
Which vehicles do they use?
Our vehicles are all immaculate Mercedes and Chrysler for your comfort with bottled waters.
How do I get my free transfer?
Earn your free transfer when scheduling at least two 8-hour tours.

Start your tour from the airport and finish at the hotel. Or vice versa.
We want a Guide and a Driver, is it possible?
If it is justified at the request of the customer, we can add an extra guide, which is sure to improve especially in large cities since parking sometimes is difficult.

If our FAQs didn’t help you, please contact us, we’ll be happy to help you.

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