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With Port Wine Tasting


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PORTO- Ribeira
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PORTO- historical center
PORTO - cafe Majestic
PORTO-Torre de Clerigos
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What about grabbing this fabulous opportunity to discover the famous  city of Porto also known as the “Invicta"?!

You will experience a marvelous journey from Lisbon to the North of Portugal! 
You will have the chance to visit the most gorgeous and notable monuments of this great and emblematic city as well as feeling history throughout its architecture!
Soak up the spirit of ancient downtown during your walk and "get lost in time" while walking through its century old streets!
Besides getting in touch with very nice and helpful people you can also visit one of the symbols of Porto – the incredible São Bento Train Station!
Be delighted with crystal-clear Douro River, its beautiful riverbanks with its colourfully painted houses picturesquely displayed in the water.
What about crossing Dom Luís I Bridge and have a wonderful view of Porto from the other side of the Douro River  - from the Vila Nova de Gaia?
You can visit one of the most famous Port Wine Cellars with a Wine Tasting, and learn all about production, harvesting and transportation of this unique wine known throughout the world.
Let us help you discovering stories and curiosities about all the places you’ll visit as well as its historic context!


English, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese and Romanian

​Italian: On request

TOUR: 11 - 12 H - ALL DAY


LOCAL PICKUP: Our local guide will pick you up at your Hotel, Airport, Cruise terminal or other meeting point


MORE THAN 6 PEOPLE: On request 


Pick-up and drop-off at your Hotel in Lisbon

Personalized transport in a car or minivan, in safe & comfortable conditions

Professional guide/driver service

Public liability and personal accidents insurance

Free time to explore at each stop and for photos

24h/7 Customer Service Assistance


Flights to and from Portugal
Personal expenses
Other expenses (or entrances) not mentioned

Entrance to monuments

Tour   Program


Are you in Lisbon? What about profiting and take our magnificent specially designed Tour to visit Porto? 

Porto is the second largest Portuguese city and it is considered an emerging European destination. 

Portugal took its name from the former name of Porto: very early (c. 200 BC), Porto was known as Portus Cale, coming later to become the capital of Portucalense.

A visit to Porto is increasingly mandatory and we idealized a first-class experience just for you!

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Our acquaintance with this great city will begin in his historical center.

Seemingly hewn out of granite near the mouth of the River Douro, Portugal's second city, known locally as Porto, dazzles with a rich collection of cultural attractions. Porto's historical heart is the Ribeira. This waterfront bairro positively insists you lose yourself amongst the maze of narrow streets and seek out some of the city's most cherished architectural treasures. In fact, so rare and precious are the buildings that make up this venerable neighborhood that UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site.


The Clérigos Church and its bell tower are one of the most popular visits in Porto. They are joined together, forming a complex. 
The church was built between 1732 - 1750. The project was realized by Nicolau Nasoni, an architect and painter of Italian descent. 
They are one of the first examples of baroque buildings in Portugal and the Church is the first baroque building based on an elliptic floor plan (and not on a cross plan, as was often the case in Europe).
We recommend climbing the steep steps to get a breathtaking view over the old town and the Douro River.


We recommend climbing the steep steps to get a breathtaking view over the old town and the Douro River.
The spindly, needle-like Clerigos Tower (Portuguese: "Torre de Clérigos") is one of Porto's defining landmarks. Standing 75 meters above the streets and overlooking the old town. Designed as part of the church, the tower was completed in 1763 and at the time was the tallest building in Oporto. To reach the top, you need to climb upwards of 240 steps, but the effort will be rewarded with a breathtaking panorama of the river, the coastline, and the distant Douro valley - a bird's-eye-view of Portugal's second largest city. 


A 13th century religious building. Although it has a mostly Romanesque style it was much altered throughout time since each bishop wanted to modify what had been previously done.


We will continued our Tour with a panoramic view over is the city's clamorous commercial hub - the Avenue of the Allies (Portuguese: "Avenida dos Aliados") which is located in the heart of the historical town.
A vibrant and entertaining overview of everyday Porto can be gleaned by strolling the length of this broad double avenue, where ined both sides with shops, stores, boutiques, cafés, and restaurants.  At the foot of the thoroughfare lies Praça da Liberdade, but we can begin exploring by popping into the nearby Estação de São Bento...


It´s Porto's central railway station, hir you cane admire upon the 20.000 or so dazzling "azulejos" depicting early modes of transport and most important moments of the history of Portugal. 


Do you want to touch magic? Then you need to go to this cafe ...
With its distinctive Art Nouveau façade of curvaceous stonework and undulating motifs, this sparkling gem of a coffeehouse is unmistakable. Inside, a vintage 1920s ambiance percolates the salon. Arranged throughout the lavish interior are the original carved wood chairs and marble-topped tables that lend Majestic its delightfully bohemian flavor. 


This is the most celebrated of Porto's cafes, and one of Europe's most historical. 
And not only kids will love it here, especially when realize that author J.K. Rowling worked on the draft of her first book Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone while sipping coffee at a table near the entrance.

Magic, or what?

It´s "Majestic"!


​A slow amble north will take you to the Riverside Area of Porto (Portuguese: Ribeira), is one of the oldest and most typical of this city.
In "Ribeira" we can visit the Praça da Ribeira, popularly also known as square cube, Rua da Fonte Taurine, one of the oldest in the city, the wall of Bacalhoeiros and Casa do Infante, where in 1394 is believed to have been born Prince Henry the Navigator (Portuguese: Infante Dom Henrique, o Navegador), the central figure in the early days of the Portuguese Empire and in the 15th-century European maritime discoveries and maritime expansion.


What about crossing Dom Luís I Bridge and have a wonderful view of Porto from the other side of the Douro River  - from the Vila Nova de Gaia?
Vila Nova de Gaia is well-known for its worldwide unique and appreciated wines, the Port Wine (Portuguese: Vinho de Porto). The town's landscaped quayside is fringed by a long line of stylish restaurants and cafés. It's also the departure point for numerous Douro River cruise boats. Adding a wonderfully nostalgic perspective is the fleet of traditional barcos "ravelos" moored alongside the esplanade. These gorgeous traditional river boats were once used to ferry casks from vineyards located up the Douro river.


And now we invide you to visit one of the most famous Port Wine Cellars with a Wine Tasting, and learn all about production, harvesting and transportation of this unique wine known throughout the world.
Graham’s is an elegant and selective choice, ideal for those eager to escape the crowds of the riverside.
We would like to note that the 2016 survey has nominated Graham’s as the World’s Most Admired Port Brand and the 14th Most Admired Wine Brand in the world.


By the way, Symington Family Estates received the "Royal Warrant" awarded by Isabel II to Port Graham's. This means that it becomes an "official supplier" to the British court.
And...What about grabbing this fabulous opportunity to discover what does your Majesty prefer?


Drop-off at your hotel or apartmens in Lisbon (around 06h00 p.m.).  

Have a Nice Day with Us!

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Just You and our exclusive Guide and specialized Driver
In that case there will be a Driver and a Guide that will be at your service to go along with you during all your visits. 

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