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The first acquaintance with the Lisbon

When I first came to Lisbon I didn’t know anything, I felt lost… I took the Blue line metro and got out at Terreiro do Paço [te:rei:ro doo paso] and when I came out and saw this:

At first glance: a wide blue river reflecting the shiny sun, a large and rectangular square in the shape of a “U” surrounded by buildings that show the architecture of a long, long time ago, seagulls flying by, trolleys, buses, modern cars, the Triumph Arch: an open door to something else… In that moment Lisbon captured my attention and I realized that I was in love with this city.Now what to do!

There are many things you can do but let us suggest you to turn left and have a drink at one of the nearby bars (e.g. Sailboat bar or other), take a sit, rest for a while, take off your shoes if you want and enjoy the view!But… What if suddenly you need to go to the rest room?SURPRISE!!!If you go back to Praça do Comércio [p:rasa dou komé:rsiou], where you can see – just in the middle – the statue of King Joseph 1st on his horse, facing the river, you will also find the Sexiest WC on Earth! For just a little money you will be enchanted while doing what you need to do. If then you turn right, opposite to the place where you probably had a drink – or two – and walk along the river, besides the amazing view and the resting sound of water on the rocks plus seagulls welcoming you with their sounds, you will also be able to either sit on the floor while having sun or have a Portuguese coffee or another drink at the little coffee/bar terrace. Or instead, you can simply turn back, leave the river behind and visit the Arc of Rua Augusta [:rooa aoogoosta]. Go up stair and get an astounding view of the Square, the river, the boats and also of the main street. You can also see how the watch works and how long it took to reveal the Arc.

There you will also find sculptures with interesting signs. We advise you to go late afternoon when the sun is not so hot, especially in summer. Opening hours every day from 9:00 – 20:00hs. Ticket: 3 €. Free entrance for kids up to 5 years old.Leaving the Arc you will find the Design and Fashion Museum (Mude), free entrance. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 – 18:00 hs.Not far from there you have the Casa Portuguesa de bolos de bacalhau (Portuguese House of Codfish tasty bits) Rua Augusta, 106 from 10 am to 10 pm.At Praça do Comércio or in the main street after the Arc, other corners of the city, and sometimes at the metro, you might encounter street artists playing and singing to you, painters, clowns, juggler, and so on. In Summer time Lisbon offers a lot of opportunities to distract yourself from normal life… enjoy!

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